Friday, February 17, 2012

How to make an effective taweez

Assalam oalaikum,
A lot of people write taweez especially the Amils yet when their taweez does not work they become anxious. Because it is their aim to achieve certain targets through taweez so if the taweez does not work in their favor so what else would be its purpose?
Therefore this should be kept in mind that a taweez should have power so that it is effective. In order to make an effective taweez you should have the knowledge of amalyaat, planetary positions and you should be an amil kamil to perform this task efficiently. Zakat is another condition that needs to be fulfilled to make taweez work efficiently. Zakaat is very important and without giving zakat a taweez cannot be activated. However, this is a tough part of taweez-making and except for amil-kamils nobody else can do this because it is quite time-consuming and may take up to 40 days. In certain taweez it is compulsory to do jamali and jalali abstinence. The amil has to bear all this in order to make a powerful taweez that can help those who wear it.
You might have witnessed in your life, especially in case of women, that they bring taweez from some amil but it does not seem to work. However, in some cases the taweez may work wonders. This happens only when the amil makes it properly and offers the zakaat and performs the abstinence or parhez in a requisite way.
Remember me in your prayers,
Amel Soname

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Pls advice how to pay zakat. Salam

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