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Friday, February 17, 2012

The types of taweez

Assalam oalaikum,
There are 4 types of taweez, namely, Atishi, Badi, Abi and Khaki
Just like huruf have Atishi, Badi, Abi and Khaki, similarly taweez also have them.
Atishe taweez: This type of taweez is smoldered in fire. It is kept under fire so the heat from the fire reaches the taweez and it produces the desired result. The method is that above and below the taweez a small bowl made of clay, also known as theekri, is placed and a thread it wound around it. This is kept at a safe distance from the fire so that the taweez does not get burnt but just smolders gradually. Atishe taweez are also used as a wick in a chiragh or lamp.
Badi taweez: In this type of taweez the recitation is done and blown on something fragrant and this is given to a person (on whom the taweez is meant to have effect on) to smell. Or else after recitation, the amil blows over, leaves, fruits or over sweet dishes and then given to the person to eat. This taweez can also be written and hung on the branches of a huge tree. If the amal is Nahish then this type of taweez is hung on a thorny plant or a tree that produces bitter fruits such as neem or kikar tree. Some of these taweez are written on the palms and shown to the person on whom some effect is desired. Badi taweez is written by sitting on an elevated place.
Khaki taweez: This type of taweez is placed under something heavy, such as a heavy object or stone. It can be also buried in mud. It is usually buried under the bed or threshold of the person on whom some effect is desired. It can also be buried at the intersection of streets or graveyards. The person who gets this taweez written can tie it around his arm or else the recitation can be done and blown on the mud on which the person, on whom some effect is desired, has walked over.
Abi taweez: This is written on paper and given to the person for drinking. It can also be written on a plate made of bone China instead of paper. The recitation can be done and blown over a bowl of water and given to the person for drinking. This type of taweez can be buried near water bodies such as riverbanks or floated in the water of river, lakes etc. If the taweez has to be buried near a river body then the taweez is placed in a small mud bowl and sealed with wax so that water does not get inside the bowl, only the moisture reaches the taweez. After protecting the taweez in this way it can be floated in river, wells or even sea.

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