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Friday, February 17, 2012

The right pen for writing a taweez

Assalam oalaikum,

There is a special pen for writing a taweez. You might have noticed that Amils do not write a taweez with a ball pen or an ink pen but they use a special pen for the purpose. There are some people who write taweez with ball pens but this is an incorrect way of writing a taweez. The ink used in ball pens contains alcohol. Some people use the feather of pugeons for writing a taweez. This is also a wrong method of writing taweez. Because when the amil will do tark-jamali and jalali then the pigeon’s feather cannot be kept in the room of the amil.
First of all you will have to make two pens, one for making taweez of amal khair or taweez that is made for providing benefit to others. The other pen will be of amal shar or defeating your enemies. So buy two pens made of wood. You should ensure that the money used for buying the pen should be earned through halal or legitimate work. Wooden pens can be bought from big book stationary shops. The smaller shops usually do not keep such pens. Do not allow anyone to use or even touch your personal wooden pens. After buying the wooden pens you will have to sharpen them. Before sharpening their tips recite Durud-Shareef 11 times and 4 Quls three times each. While sharpening the pen of amal khair, think of kind and generous deeds. On the other hand while sharpening the pen of amal shar your mind should be full of thoughts of defeating your enemy and devastating them. When the amal khair pen becomes ready recite 100 times Durud Ibrahimi daily and blow thrice over the tip of the pen. While blowing over the pen of amal khair think that whatever good deed has to be done with the taweez written by this pen, it will get accomplished soon. When the amal- shar pen is ready then recite Ya Qahharu 100 times daily and blow over its tip and while blowing, think that whatever taweez is made by this pen shall destroy the enemies soon. i.e. keep your motive in mind while blowing over the two pens.

Amel soname contact

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ALion In The Winter said...

As salaamu alaikum, how would you acquire such a pen?

ALion In The Winter said...

As salaamu alaikum, can a calligraphy pen with a metal tip that has to be dipped in ink work?