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Friday, February 17, 2012

The right color of cloth for wrapping a taweez

Assalam oalaikum,
All of you might have noticed that the taweez is wrapped in different color cloth-pieces. The amil who gives the taweez, for tying around the neck or for hanging on the tree, instructs people to use a particular colored cloth for wrapping it. However, the amil never tell the people the logic behind using a particular colored-cloth for a taweez.
Sometimes amils use a red colored cloth, while at other times they may use a black or even a green colored one. However, they never disclose the reason why they use specific colors.
I shall inform all of you about the reason in this post, Inshallah. The color of the taweez is decided by the amil according to the Saat of the star, the Nazar of the star, the Sharf or the huboot in which the taweez is written. In other words, whatever is the color of the star in which the taweez is being written the same colored cloth has to be used for wrapping the taweez.
For example if you write the taweez in the star of Zohal then blue or black colored cloth will be used for wrapping the taweez. This is because Zohal is a Naahis-Akbar star. Due to this reason only the taweez of destroying the enemies (amal- shar) is written in this star. For complete details about stars, you can refer to my blogs Amalyat Nujum and Ilm-e-Zaicha.

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