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Friday, February 17, 2012

what is a taweez?

Assalam oalaikum,
Taweez is a part of the supernatural world. Many people believe in it but there are a lot of people who do not believe in this concept. A taweez can have positive effects but its effects cannot be seen by the eyes. Yet, it can do wonders. Only those people are entitled to write a taweez who know and understand this subject well enough. Such people have plenty of knowledge about amalyaat, stars and planetary positions, huruf or Arabic alphabets etc. In many cases people who lack a proper training in this field start writing taweez to make some maney and fool naïve people. However, since such crooks do not know about the exact way of writing the taweez so their taweez does not have any benefit on the one who wears it.
For instance, is you read a manual about electrical connections and then set the wiring in your house in the right way so there will be light in your house. However, if you do not understand the manual and do the wiring in an incorrect way so your house will plunge into darkness. Similarly, those who are adept in writing taweez can do it the right way and prove to be beneficial but those who are just quacks may write the taweez in the wrong way and it will not be beneficial to you.

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Anonymous said...

Aslam-u-Alaikum. Please could I download the Jalali Quranic cure for black magic. I was listening to it & felt very good. but cant seem to download it on to my computer.

ibrahim said...

salaam laaikum I went your sight menas your website I use all your free tawiz all your tawiz for remove black magic also forhard ship and which is you meantion six seven tawiz I went but I am steel suffering with difficulty to find a rizk and aslo get marry I am suffering with witchcraft also I am suffering with black magic also I am suffering with mentally ill because magic maker me mentally sick please help me and send me tawiz for shower Ionline than I can print than I make with jafran tawiz for my self can you please help me give me a solution of my problem I am very very sick since more than one year please help me guide me how to remove black magic because hindu magicne keep send me his shaitan (evil)on me I am suffering with sifli amal means I am suffering with sifli black magic sifli black magic is worse black magic please help who is doing to me black magic they control my brain also all thought come from black magic magicine play with my brain magicine control my brain and keep sending his shaitan on me every four over please help me may allah reward you jazak allah kher aamen .