Friday, February 17, 2012

How to write a taweez with kasar 1

Assalam oalaikum
By kasar I mean the remainder after dividing the value.In the taweez of Bismillah.. there was no remainder as such However, in this post I shall explain with an example how to deal with such a value that has a remainder after being divided. If you have to write a taweez for the value of 787 then after deducting 12 you will get 775. When divided by 3 this will give you 258 and the remainder will be one. This remainder 1 will be added to the box #7 so that the taweez becomes complete.

This is the taweez of Atishe methodology and in the 7th box I have added one to complete it. Such taweez which have a remainder are referred to as Nakis as their value does not remain the same from all the sides.

dua main yaad rakheya ga
amel soname

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